Ode To Software Testing

From my perspective, software testers are the unsung heroes of the industry. To borrow a phrase, software testers don’t make the software you use, they make the software you use better. While QA doesn’t bask in the ubergeek glow of software engineering or orbit in the glamorous world of the jet-setting marketers, it’s just as important. Once that software is coded and sold, it’s gotta check out before the checks start rolling in…

Software testing is a crucial step in the development of any application. Unfortunately, time is not often on the side of the software testing squad. Fighting inflexible time frames and ship dates that have been set in stone by forces outside the development team, the software testers slog on to the deadline, with the honorable goal of finding and documenting every bug.

I’ve been on a good number of outside software testing teams over the years… and it always seems to go the same way.

No matter the program, the beta testers find something that they feel needs to get fixed before the disc goes gold. Alas, there’s never time to fix all the bugs, and the program gets shipped, warts and all.

In a triage scenario, veteran software testers know that it’s inevitable that something has to slip through.

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