CD DRM vs. Jason Dunn

Walt Mossberg recently wrote a very level piece on DRM that’s ironically locked behind the Wall Street Journal paywall. His take on CD DRM – if a CD has it, don’t buy it. Glad to hear mainstream folks like Walt finally speaking out on something the rest of us get labeled the lunatic fringe for saying. Jason Dunn at Digital Media Thoughts recently went toe-to-toe with DRM on a few CDs. Here’s what he had to say about the experience:

“I’ve just emerged from a scuffle with DRM, and I’m one for two in the battle. Here’s what happened: recently I went out shopping with my wife, and among other things, I bought five new CDs. I love music, and am happy to support the artists whose music I enjoy. The CDs I bought: Anna Nalick (Wreck of the Day), Hayley Westenra (Odyssey), Wide Mouth Mason (Shot Down Satellites), Nickelback (All the Right Reasons), and Dave Matthews Band (Stand Up). Of those five CDs, three were DRM free, and two were not. Guess which two? The most popular of the five of course: Nickelback and DMB. I had heard stories about the DMB album, which is why I put off buying it for months. I’ve had a few DRM’d CDs come my way lately, and the DRM was easy enough to bypass, so I figured I’d give it a shot.”

Read the rest of the story at Digital Media Thoughts.