Take A Quick Coffee Break In Another City

You only have a few minutes left of your coffee break and you really wanted to get away from your desk. Of course, you can’t get anywhere (other than the washroom); everywhere you’d really like to go is too far. I found Gothamist LLC and its network of city blogs. I wasn’t on a coffee break, so I explored them all. Each blog has posts about local events, happenings, and people. It was like taking a trip into town without getting bugs in my teeth or hauling around luggage.

If you’re into New York City, wander into Gothamist, the blog for New York. If you’re in Toronto, try Torontoist. If you’re in Paris (and can read French), have a look at Parisist The only other blogs not in the US (so far) are Londonist and Shanghaiist. I’d like to see a Vancouverist for the other coast of Canada. Even if I’m not there it would be fun to see what’s going on out there.