AMD Carves Turion, Athlon 64 X2 Prices For Holidays

Is that someone burning chestnuts on an open fire? Perhaps it is Joe from down the street overclocking his CPU? Actually, the smell is the result of AMD lowering the prices on their Turion notebook processors. Who said that savings smells badly?

Advanced Micro Devices lowered prices on its Turion notebook processors as well as its Athlon 64 processors for the desktop, in a bid to steal market share as the holiday season begins.

AMD sliced its Turion prices by 26 percent, while lopping off about $100 off its highest-end AMD Opteron X2, its dual-core part. AMD also streamlined its overall product offering, eliminating the 3000+ and 2800+ parts from its Athlon 64 family, together with the desktop-replacement (DTR) line of its Athlon 64 notebook processors. [Read the rest]

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