Get E-mail And IMs Easily On Cingular

Cingular is making it a piece of cake to get your e-mails and instant messages now with their new phone applications, Mobile E-mail and Mobile IM (yes, clever names).

You’ll now be able to just tap a couple of buttons and retrieve and send e-mail on your AOL, Yahoo!, or MSN account. Same goes for each of those providers’ instant messaging services, too. No more need to search Web forums for the hacks to get this all to work, it’s all built in. You just need a user name and password and you’ll be set. Of course, as in all things Cingular, there is a steep monthly fee attached for this groovy service.

Cingular Wireless, the nation’s largest wireless carrier, today announced the availability of two enhanced services: Mobile Email and Mobile IM. Now, for the first time in the US market, Cingular customers can gain access to their existing email or IM accounts from AOL, MSN and Yahoo! through a set of simple, easy to use applications which can be accessed through a standard mass market phone. Both the Mobile Email and Mobile IM applications are available for free on a download basis through the Cingular MEdia Mall to Cingular customers who have a compatible phone. These new applications will give Cingular customers easy-to-use, pre- configured access to their email and IM accounts without the need to be tethered to their desktop or having to purchase a high-end, PDA-like device.

[Get E-mail And IMs Easily On Cingular via PR Newswire]

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