Humorous Monster Hunting: WildSnake releases ZombieBall

October 27th, 2005Wildsnake Software is proud to announce their latest product, ZombieBall, is available to download from their website. Beasties have invaded the world and it is up to Patrick Poe, the Sunny Prince, to save the Lands of Sunshine from a great evil.

Using Pat’s shield and the ZombieBall you must battle your way through hordes of monsters, ranging from zombies to ghoulies and mummies. Select between saving the beasties souls through a series of puzzle missions in Salvation mode or just getting rid of them all in Arcade mode.

Guide the tiny hero through 12 worlds with hours of play in each world. With fun stylish graphics, superb voice acting and online high scores, ZombieBall is the perfect Halloween game for the whole family.

More information is available at, and while you are there pick up the free demo containing two of the twelve worlds available! Be sure to take advantage of their special 25% off sale when you purchase two or more games!

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