Searching for My Soul

I can’t help it; I’m a search voyeur. I’ve been watching your searches (anonymously) slide through our system and they’re giving me further insight into what kind of content you’re looking for. I don’t know who’s searching for what – so please keep those searches rolling! If you’d also like to see what other anonymous Gnomies are looking for, look no further than the official Lockergnome Hot Searches Feed. I’m seeing some good stuff in there – like identity management and Archos AV500. Although, it’s a bit weird when someone searches for autism and related keywords (according to our search service) include “Microsoft Software” and “Bill Gates.” Maybe they know something we don’t know? Regardless, I appreciate the indirect guidance you’re giving us with your basic queries. Nobody knows who you are, but don’t abuse that privledge. After launching the search service the other day, I can tell you what our top searches were – and they had nothing to do with technology. Instead, you were looking for a bit more personal information.

“Gretchen” ruled four out of the top ten searches on that first day. You may have missed the memo, and I’ll likely have to re-explain this OVER and OVER again for the next decade. Long story short: she and I divorced a couple of years ago and Sprocket went with her. I’m not going to ask you to stop asking or searching, but I really hope you read this report and understand why I really don’t talk about it. First, that part of my life is well in the past. Second, after a little searching of my own, I found my soul mate through Together, we searched for canine companionship and found both Wicket and Pixie to round out our little family. Ponzi and I are currently engaged, and I believe we’ve finally set a date (!) in late 2006. Wicket and Pixie keep the front lawn fertilized, and Ponzi keeps my heart and our home warm. Oh, by the way, we live in Seattle now. Is there anything else you may have missed? I’m honored that you’d search for details of my personal life, but there’s more to Lockergnome than crazy guys who wax their facial hair. Honest!

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