Deja Vu All Over Again at Microsoft

Mark Evans of RealTechNews writes:

Eleven years ago, Microsoft held an “Internet Strategy Day” in Redmond to discuss how it was about to finally get serious about the Internet after choosing to pretty much ignore it despite the Internet’s move into the mainstream and the emergence of Netscape.

In some respects, Microsoft has lost some of its strategic focus on the Internet in recent years. While MSN is a major online player and MSN messenger is one of the top instant messenging services, Microsoft’s core software products – i.e. Office – have mostly stayed offline even as software as a Web-based service becomes more of a real business. All you have to do is look at NetSuite and for signs of what’s on the horizon.

Tomorrow, Bill Gates and his chief technology officer, Ray Ozzie, will hold a press conference in San Franciso (the location is telling, isn’t it?) to talk about how Microsoft is going to more jiggy about the Web. I

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