Loose Diamonds Search Engine Launches for 2005 Holiday Shopping Season

OK, now we have just gone search bananas! I just learned that there is a search engine for loose diamonds. Is this not crazy? Is there a market for such a thing? Apparently so…

As more people embrace shopping online, especially for higher priced luxury goods such as diamonds and jewelry, a need has been filled to provide consumers with an easy to use tool to compare diamond inventories from jewelers around the web. Until now, large shopping aggregation sites have been the only option when comparison shopping online. While these sites prove a useful resource for some products, for diamonds they lack the detailed information needed to form an accurate comparison.

The loose diamonds search engine ( www.DiamondSE.info ) was designed to give consumers an easy way to compare available diamonds with similar, and in many cases, identical specifications. Providing details such as carat weight, cut grade, color, clarity, dimensions and of course prices, gives the searcher a side by side comparison of diamonds available from around the web. No longer does one need to hop from site to site, search each one and try to remember what they found. [Read the rest]

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