No Sound During Video Playback

If you’ve ever downloaded a video from the Internet and gotten a great video picture but no audio the obvious solutions are quickly exhausted. Yes, my speakers are plugged into the correct port on the computer. Yes, my speakers are turned on with the volume above zero. Yes, the sound on my computer is on, turned up and not muted. At this point, the head scratching begins and the frustration starts to kick in. After all, your brother recommended this video; It apparently worked when he played it. The solution to the problem is likely a missing codec, the software required to playback audio and video on your computer. To track down the missing component, arm yourself with GSpot, a video file analyzer designed to show you what components a video file requires for playback. With GSpot installed, follow along with my tutorial on finding and fixing the problem when your video file plays but there’s no sound from the audio track.