Make $5 Buying Fix-It Utilities Pro 6.0 From

Make $5 Buying Fix-It Utilities Pro 6.0 From Buy.comThis is too good to be true. has a rebate that offsets the price on the Fix-It Utilities Pro 6.0, plus it gives you $5 back and Free Shipping. More info from PopDeal below.

From PopDeal

Thatís right ladies and gentlemen. Make $5 (as far as I can tell) buying the Fix-It Utilities Pro 6.0 from Itís currently selling for $14.99 and thereís a $20 rebate available for the item. Rebate expires Dec. 31, 2005.

CNet gave the software a solid 7.4/10 rating

Why PC Utilities? Like a car, PCs need maintenance and repair. Running PC diagnostics and utilities on your computer is the equivalent of taking your car in for a tune-up. Fix-It Utilitiesô Professional 6 optimizes system performance and our computer diagnostics finds and prevents problems before they occur…

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