The OQO: WindowsXP in the Palm of Your Hand

Could this little PDA/Tablet-looking computer be the future? I have mixed feeling myself and lean toward no. Then again, that is not to say that it would not have a number of cool applications that it could be used for.

The OQO computer has finally arrived after existing as vaporware for several years. This small computer, about the size of your average PDA, runs a full version of WindowsXP Home or Professional. A one-gigahertz Transmeta processor and 20-GB hard-drive give users more power than a PDA, but less than a laptop. So does the OQO fulfill a value-add need that laptops and PDA don’t offer?

Cost And Contents

The OQO, preloaded with WindowsXP Home, can be purchased from the OQO Website for $1,899. WindowsXP Professional will cost you $100 more. There is no option to buy the OQO without an operating system. You can also pre-load Microsoft Office 2003 Small Business Edition for an extra $300. [Read the rest]

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