Asus SDRW-0804P-D

Nice and small. That was my reaction when I first found a picture of the Asus SDRW-0804P-D external DVD burner. The size makes this drive perfect for the geek on the go, but what about the performance?

If you need an external DVD burner that fits easily in your briefcase or backpack, you won’t find anything smaller than Asus’s SDRW-0804P-D, which measures 5.5 inches wide, 6.37 inches long, and 0.7 inch high. With rated speeds of only 8X/4X/2.4X (recordable/rewritable/double-layer DVD+R), it’s no speed demon, but it’s as fast as low-profile notebook burners get. The handsome silver drive connects via mini-USB and mini-FireWire ports, which means you can’t run it without the included AC adapter. However, the adapter is small, weighs only a couple of ounces, and even offers changeable tips for different international power grids, so our gripe is decidedly minor. If you’re in the market for a faster drive and don’t mind a bulkier form factor, the Iomega Super DVD Writer 16X16 is a good choice. [Read the rest]

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