Search Engine Marketing Survey

The Search Engine Marketing Professionals Organization ( has launched their second “State of Search Engine Marketing” survey. This is an important opportunity for companies to contribute in identifying trends and metrics for what I think, is the fastest growing marketing channel.

Last year’s survey revealed some very interesting insights:

* Advertisers expect to spend $4bn on search marketing
* Paid search was allocated 81%
* Organic search was allocated 12%
* Paid inclusion was allocated 4%
* Brand awareness was the #1 goal for search marketing
* Advertisers expected to spend 39% more on search marketing on average over the previous year

Who Should Take This Survey?

Please complete this survey only if you are familiar with, and actively engaged in, at least one type of the search engine marketing practices described in the “Survey Definitions” section linked on the navigation bar above. That includes people engaged in such programs in the capacity as advertisers (including both marketing staff and management), site managers, marketing agencies and search engine marketing service providers.

If you work in search marketing as an agency or on the client side, take a few minutes and complete the State of Search Engine Marketing survey.

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