Boostaroo Revolution

The Boostaroo Revolution from UpBeat Audio is a pocket-sized portable headphone amplifier and splitter that boosts sound. Before I plugged in to my iPod, I had the iPod volume at about 75%. With Revolution, the volume is at 30% leaving me with plenty of room to make it louder if needed. Also, due to the volume being lower, the Revolution extends the battery life of the audio device.

Revolution looks like a white rectangle box with nothing but a couple of holes for the jacks and two AAAA batteries (that’s not a typo – 4A batteries). The package also includes two patch cords: one is three and the other is six inches long. When the jack is plugged in, the LED power indicator light comes on so you know it’s in use. It’s designed for use with high-end (60 ohm+) headphones. Anything less than that can’t handle the Revolution’s power.

The technology provides the listener with a surround sound feel, like being in a quality concert hall. The device weighs six ounces and comes in white, black, silver, and black/silver.

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