Datel PSP Hard Drive Breakthrough

Let’s face it you can never have enough memory space for your PSP. As well as game saves, your humble memory card has videos, MP3s and photos to contend with, so even the largest of cards soon gets full. That’s where Datel’s 4GB Hard Drive for the PSP comes in…

Fitting snugly to the back of your console, the 4GB Hard Drive gives you all the storage space you could ever need. It can hold four full-length movies for viewing on the move at last, no more spreading your favourite films over several memory cards! If it’s music on the move you’re after, the 4GB Hard Drive can hold over 1,000 songs, or you could cram it with thousands of digital photos just the thing for showing off your holiday snaps. And you’ll never be short of space for game saves again…

As well as a high-quality, state-of-the-art hard drive, the Datel 4GB Hard Drive pack also contains an X2 rechargeable battery, boasting twice the power of a standard PSP battery for double the fun. You also get a PC software suite that allows you to convert and transfer video files to your PSP, and a USB 2.0 cable to connect your console to your computer.

Our 4GB Hard Drive is the ideal device for PSP data storage“, said Michael Connors, Managing Director, Datel. “With movies, images and music to store as well as game saves, memory cards no longer cut it. You need a bigger solution, and that’s exactly what we’re offering.

For more information, including full technical specifications, check out our website feature at Datel’s 4GB Hard Drive costs 149 (UK) or $199 (USA), and is available from the end of October.

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