Harvey Wallbanger

Love is in the air, which means it’s time to don criminally colored polyester suits then get down with cliched disco moves. In Harvey Wallbanger, you play as Harvey Wallbanger. He’s the hottest dude on the scene and you’re there to spin and groove across the dance floor. You’ll just have to trust that your character is spinning and grooving since you don’t actually see him. Use your imagination, anyway.

As you pretend you’re spinning and grooving you have to move a disco ball across the dance floor and through the exit. In fact that’s all you’re really doing in this game. Guiding a disco ball. Watch out for traps and don’t fall off the edge of the dance floor.

The Harvey Wallbanger is an alcoholic drink or cocktail.

According to legend, Harvey was a Californian surfer. After losing an important contest, he consoled himself with a screwdriver, but added a dash of Galliano liqueur. After several drinks, he tried to leave the bar, but unfortunately kept bumping into the furniture and walls. Harvey ‘the Wallbanger’ became his nickname and the famous drink was born. [Wikipedia]

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