i-mate JAM 128MB Smartphone (Unlocked) $599.99

i-mate JAM 128MB Smartphone (Unlocked) $599.99Take 20% ($150) off the i-mate JAM 128MB Smartphone (Unlocked), dropping the final price down to $599.99 plus Free Shipping.

Geek.com has a review on the i-mate JAM giving it a 5/5 in quality and 4.5/5 in Geekness.

From Amazon

The i-mate Jam is the smallest integrated Windows Mobile PDA and phone you can put in your hot little hands. Key features include Windows Mobile 2003 Pocket PC (second edition), a 416 MHz Intel xScale processor, 128 MB of RAM, Bluetooth, a 1 megapixel camera, and a 240 x 320 color touch screen. For folks who want to do it all on the road without the all the bulk should give the Jam a serious look. The phone is unlocked and will operate on your existing GSM network service…

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