We’ve talked about how social applications are changing the way people interact online, but it’s important to also take note of the communities that are springing up because of these tools. In effect, they’re not only defining what the services are today, but they’re also helping to evolve what they’ll become in the future. People are quickly lining up to become a part of these services, and teenagers are usually the most susceptible group to be lured in. Without a doubt, one of the most popular social destinations on the Internet today is MySpace.

Yes, we do poke fun at the stereotypical members of services like this one from time to time, but when it’s all said and done, MySpace does offer a nice collection of features. Create your own profile, start a blog, and then get ready to be sucked in. No doubt, many of your current friends may already be signed up with MySpace, and if they are, you can easily invite them to join your network. The service is great for finding new friends through old friends. See who’s on their lists and then introduce yourself. Conversations will develop, and friends will be made. Music heavily influences the site, and you’ll find that a bunch of popular bands have an established presence here. Run free, my little children.

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