NewsRadars: Topic-Specific Newsfeeds Create New Opportunities

Tomorrow, I will be publishing a review plus interview with what I consider the first true full-fledged newsmastering engine.

For the first time, after 21 months ago, I described in summary points my own vision for what a newsmaster and a newsradar (or newsmastering feed) would be, a tool finally incarnates all of that intelligence while pairing it with ease of use, reliability and performance.

This tool is so good, that it squarely puts out of the market my own NewsMaster Toolkit mini-guide, which while it surely retains some value to those wanting to have a broad overview of the techniques and the many tools and services available out there, it now needs to be fully re-updated in light of what this new technology makes now possible for everyone.

For now, let me make sure that when we talk and say newsradars, we do really mean the same thing.