Quake 4 for Linux

I tried my hand at the latest version of Quake here the other day. An impressive game to be sure, I have to admit that Linux does have some chance at making it in the gaming realm assuming more games were released for the OS specifically.

As soon as I read the news on Slashdot that id Software’s just released Quake 4 was already available as both a Linux client and game server, I ran out and dropped $50 for the game. The box contained 4 CDs, a game guide, and a license key. But that’s not enough to let you play Quake 4 on Linux.

The product FAQ explains that in addition to the CD key contained in the retail package — required to play the game — you’ll need to copy a bunch of files from the CDs as part of the installation process. You’ll also need to download the Linux installer — quake4-linux-1.0.2147.12.x86.run — from id Software or a mirror site. Hardware requirements include a 2GHz or better processor with 512MB of memory, an ATI Radeon or Nvidia GeForce video card, and a sound card supported by OSS or ALSA. You must be running version 2.2.4 or later glibc, and a kernel version of at least the 2.4 level is recommended. [Read the rest]

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