PC Moderator Keeps Kids Off the PC

Steve Johnson of RealTechNews writes:

PC Moderator is a hardware-based parental control for your PC, that doubles as an automated dimmer-switch for the monitor.

Rather than integrating with the PC’s operating system, it just sits between the PC and the monitor. It plugs into the VGA out of the PC, while the monitor plugs into the VGA out of PC Monitor. Thus, PC Monitor just counts off the minutes, and then voila! The screen goes blank.

Junior will take even less satisfaction knowing that the hundreds of hacking hours hes scored won’t do any good foiling PC Monitor. That’s because there’s no software to install. Components, timer, and software is self-contained in the 18 gauge stainless steel container. And he won’t be able to unplug it either, because it’s actually padlocked to the PC.

More on the PC Moderator Here

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