Academy Of Magic Invokes its Release

November 21st 2005Total Eclipse Games, announces that their fantasy word game, Academy of Magic – Word Spells, is now available. Start your education as a lowly Apprentice and work your way up the ranks of sorcery to become a Grand Master with the help of your special tutor. Academy of Magic – Word Spells is an enchanting experience.

With three game modes and a robust score-keeping system, Academy of Magic – Word Spells will keep an entire household occupied in learning the arcane arts. Master a variety of magical spells to help along the way, such as Salvation or Obsidian Freeze. These spells will help you form longer words or delay the threat of the evil Black Obsidian tiles, which can prematurely end your career at the Academy.

The goal of Academy of Magic – Word Spells is simple: Make the longest words possible using the highest valued letters that appear on the board. The letters must be sequentially connected in order for you to spell the word, and you can not use the same letter tile twice. This age-old concept is revitalized with stunning graphics, orchestral music and exciting sounds, along with attention to the nuances such as magical spells and the record keeping of the best words, not to mention the magic bonus level you receive for collecting the magic gems.

There is much to learn in the ways of word magic. The future of the Academy rests in your hands, in Academy of Magic – Word Spells. To experience the thrill for yourself, download the free demo from the Total Eclipse website at

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