Googling For A Brewski!

Over the past few months, I have seen a number of things being done with Google Maps that have caught my eye. Some of the most notable examples would include: Frapper (only displays 100 listings by default), a yacht race, Seattle real estate, and my favorite of the bunch, Beer Hunter. Granted, I don’t drink anymore. Yet the concept about being able to boot up the PC in a drunken stupor to find an open bar is pretty funny in a bizarre sort of way.

Unfortunately for those of us in the States, this map tool is only for those folks living in Toronto, Canada. Having said this, nothing is stopping you from rolling up your sleeves and taking the plunge to create your own local map to ‘find beer’. Oh sure, there are many other more productive uses for your time. No matter though, if you did decide to create such a tool the chances are outstanding that you would become a superstar amongst your beer drinking buddies.

Then again, you could just use the map API to create a safe destination list for people who have no business driving after an evening of partying. OK, maybe that one is a bit of stretch. Then again, it would be a nice thought if you were hosting a safe house for intoxicated blond stewardesses needing a place to recover for the night…

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