Scribe – Save Text Fields as Documents

Find yourself hitting Ctrl-S when you are typing in text areas on the Internet? You aren’t alone. Many folks suffer from this each and every day. Now with Scribe, you clicking can really come to some good use. The Scribe Firefox extension allows you to save text fields as documents on your computer.

Scribe really does add word processor functionality to your Firefox browser. You can open and save form entries as files. You can also quickly save to a local file as you type.

Some of the features include: Save form entries to a local Scribe XHTML file; Load form entries from a Scribe XHTML file; Overrides Ctrl-S so you can quickly save as you type; The Scribe html file is a normal XHTML document – You can edit long posts in your favorite HTML or text editor then use Scribe to load it back into the web form.

Thanks to Scribe, you will never lose a post again due to your internet connection being dropped or laptop battery going out. After using it for a while, I am convinced that this functionality should be built into every browser out there in the market.

Still not convinced? Go check out some screenshots of it in action. This one extension nearly doubles the usability of Firefox. If you write on the Web as much as I do, you almost don’t need a secondary text editor. It really is that good.

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