A New iPod Case That Keeps Your Hands Warm

You know, the iPod socks were really dumb. Plain and simple. I mean they had zero function.

If they would have at least kept your feet or hands warm while encasing your iPod, now that would have been something. Well if you’re a DIY kind of person, then take a look at Sean’s Soapbox for the full skinny on how to make your own iPod Mittens. Yup, keeps your hands and iPod both warm simultaneously.

For lack of something else to post… I present to you one of my submissions to the next MenKnit magazine. I wondered what has happened to the publication. I canít imagine trying to publish an e-zine while working full time. So, this in no way is a criticism of Tricky and Dan. But I wanted to post the item with time enough to knit it for a Christmas gift (if any of you chose to knit it.) Enjoy. (By the way, the ipod does fit completely in the pocket… itís just poking out here for the picture.

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