ATI Multi Video Processing Vs. NVIDIA Scalable Link Interface

So who is really the master of the video card universe. Well, NVIDIA powers BattleField 2, and then we have ATI powering the Xbox. To be honest, I think I am going to have to leave this one to the article below.

The war between the two major players in the graphics business, namely ATI and NVIDIA, has been going on for many years. Each side asserts that its technologies are superior on a regular basis, and try to gain ground on the other by any means necessary.

New graphics products hit the market several times a year, constantly adding features and performance to 3D graphics. Value has multiplied, but at the same time, it has become tough to keep track on all the product cycles. Dual graphics platforms look like the pinnacle in graphics technology today, but they also need to be clearly depicted as the very clever strategic moves they are. [Read the rest]

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