Review of Nokia’s Linux-Based 770 Internet Tablet

Perhaps it is just the picture being used in this review. But at first glance the appearance of the Nokia 770 is not all that impressive to me.

Nokia’s 770 is a bit of an anomaly when it comes to the company’s device line-up. The 770 simply is not a phone (though it can connect to one). And while it offers a lot of PDA-like functionality, it isn’t a PDA (though you could install the needed apps). Nor does it run a Series XX user interface on top of the Symbian OS, which Nokia owns a large portion of, instead relying on the new open-source Maemo platform, which itself uses Debian Linux for its operating system needs.

So if it isn’t a phone, and it isn’t a PDA, what exactly is it? It is what Nokia hopes to establish as a new category of home electronics device: the Internet Tablet. Basically, the 770 is a device meant to sit on the coffee table next to the couch or on the night stand next to the bed. A device that lets you get convenient access to the core applications used on the internet without having to boot up a traditional personal computer. [Read the rest]

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