Opera Coming to the Pocket PC

Looks like Pocket PC users may finally get a better browser for their pocket viewing. Opera has announced that it will releasing a version of its very popular browser for the Japanese only Sharp W-ZERO3 Windows Mobile Pocket PC. Now outside of the drool effect for the Sharp (dude, a VGA smartphone!!,) reading between the lines will indicate that Sharp ain’t going to be the only PPC in town running Opera. Rumors have been on the web for some time now that Opera was coming to Windows Mobile and technically, they’ve become true, but I’m sure I’m not alone when I say I want it for my Pocket PC device, too!

All the way from chilly Oslo, Norway, Opera reveals to the world:

Opera Software and Willcom INC today announced that the Opera Mobile™ browser will be offered on the new Sharp W-ZERO3 Microsoft Windows Mobile 5.0 handset in Japan. The Sharp W-ZERO3 is the first Windows Mobile 5.0 device in the Japanese market, and also the first device to ship with Opera Mobile 8.5 for Pocket PC.

With its 3.7 inch VGA (640×480 pixels) high resolution LCD screen and WLAN connectivity, the Sharp W-ZERO3 is ideal for Web browsing on-the-go. Opera’s unique rendering technology dynamically adapts Web pages to fit the width of the screen, providing an Internet experience almost identical to that on a larger PC screen.

Okay, read the rest of Willcom INC chooses Opera for new Sharp W-ZERO3 Windows Mobile Pocket PC device to get the full effect.

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