GTX Global Develops the First True Artificial Intelligence

AI is everywhere these days. No matter where we end up, it seems be popping up where we least expect it.

GTX Global Corporation (GTXC) (OTC: GTXC.PK – News), a leading provider of innovative IP multimedia technologies that enable profitable IP communications today announced that GTX Global Corporation has developed the first true artificial intelligence, so named Cognitive Robotics(TM), or more particularly, a human-like information management and delivery system.

In today’s economic market, companies are seeking ways to streamline their work force operations. However, studies have shown that it is advantageous to have a live salesperson or customer serviceperson introduce a product, close the sale and provide customer service. Accordingly, there is a need for an information management and delivery system that is able to mimic the characteristics of a human, and in particular, a human sales or customer service person.

GTX Global Cognitive Robotics(TM) is an integrated software solution that mimics human behavior including a dialogue oriented knowledge database that contains static and dynamic data relating to human scenarios. The knowledge further includes translation, processing and analysis components that are responsible for processing of vocal and/or textual and/or video input, extracts emotional characteristics of the input and produces instructions on how to respond to the customer with the appropriate substantive response and emotion based on relevant information found in the knowledge base. [Read the rest]