The Ultimate Switch That Would Work

Apple tried hard to bring Window’s users over to the lighter side of the operating system world with their Switch campaign. Depending on who you talk to, it either failed or did well. Either way, it doesn’t matter too much as Apple’s market share is still in the single figure percentile. How do you get it up into the double digits and even more like a lions share for that Tiger? True and seamless Windows integration.

Remember IBM’s OS/2? I do. I loved, loved, loved that operating system and hung on to it until Window98 came out. Microsoft started working with IBM on the object-oriented OS back in the late 80’s but bailed on them in 1991. Fortunately, IBM still had rights to Window code and thus OS/2 ran Windows 3.0 programs as if you were running Windows itself. The party was over for IBM when 3.11 came out and then Windows95, but the reality of running applications from two different operating systems seamlessly had been done. That’s what OS X needs to do.

How is Apple going to get Microsoft to let them use Windows code in OS X? I don’t know and I’m sure they won’t. But, Microsoft does now own VirtualPC and with the OSx386 just around the corner, I can tell you now that the next version of VirtualPC is going to fly. In fact, I would say it’s going to seem a little like a Win3 application on OS/2. Ya, Apple won’t be able to get Windows applications to run natively or seamlessly from their end, but with a little help from their enemy, it’ll happen.

Sure, you’ll have to pay the extra cash for VitualPC and sure Microsoft may even kill the application if it gets too hot. But fact is, someone else can make the same thing and even Apple can make API’s for its OS to allow easy Windows integration. The fact is, if a user will be able to run a Windows application on an Apple without any effort and any noticeable difference then on a Windows box, Apple will have the Ultimate Switch campaign on their hands. Heck, the grassroots alone will send Apple hardware into the 30 percentiles for sure! Think about it!

Now the question is, will this happen? I think it will and I think this may be a small part, maybe even a large part, of why Apple went Intel. Just watch and see, you may be surprised. I know Bill will be. 🙂

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