SENSEO – It Made My Toes Curl With Delight!

Today I broke down and purchased what is, in my opinion, the best coffee maker that I have ever seen. It lacks a lot of bells and whistles, and it doesn’t accomplish amazing feats before my eyes. It does, however, make the most incredible home-brewed coffee that I have ever tasted – period.

If you have not tried it already, I highly recommend SENSEO coffee and the SENSEO coffee maker. After trying my first cup of this product at my mom’s house, I instantly fell in love with the simplicity and taste that SENSEO offers me as a coffee drinker. Best of all, it is so easy to clean afterward. That, and I am not brewing a huge pot of coffee, leaving me to feel obligated to drink the whole thing.

One thing I must caution you about is that it is critical to follow the prep instructions before the first use. This is important, and being the sort of guy that I am, I myself nearly faltered in this area. Had I not ran the initial process before use, I imagine there is a better than fair chance I would have damaged this machine once and for all.

What makes this coffee maker so unique, besides the outstanding blends it offers, is the technique being used to brew a cup of coffee for your enjoyment. First off, you are given a box/bag of coffee pouches that are placed into the machine and then sealed in really tightly. Similar to an espresso machine, the water is heated and then forced through the blend to create a frothy wonder for you to enjoy.

Now please, since everyone has their own idea of what the perfect coffee tastes like, consider finding a friend or loved one who happens to already own one of these machines before making the investment. While I hardly considerit to be an expensive proposition, it is always worthwhile to ‘taste test’ before jumping in and buying a unit. Having said that, if you are a coffee drinker and enjoy rare roasts, then I would suggest throwing caution to the wind and just buying the darn thing! After all, the coffee is spectacular!

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