Link Spectrum

I’ve been giving some thought to the sites I select for this daily feature. Being warped is a relative concept. What is warped to me may not be warped to you, and vice-versa. Today the site is one that, by its own admission, is warped – but I thought it was interesting, not warped. Who am I to argue with a Webmaster, though?

The site, Link Spectrum, is most interesting. It is one that I would have featured when I did the Family First site had I known about it. Its introduction is what really caught my eye:

“You’ve just found a treasure chest of goodies! Here is all the other ‘stuff’ I’ve found of interest on the WWW! Here you will find the just plain WEIRD, WILD, WACKY, and WONDERFUL sites I’ve come across in my travels! This page is currently being updated. Dead links are blacked out, but new ones will be added soon! Enjoy, and happy surfin’!”

What follows is a most comprehensive list of links to all sorts of Internet sites. From urban legends and myths to mathematical riddles to a ghost town site to a live-on-camera site, there is so much here that you will spend hours exploring. I forwarded this site to my office so I could kill time tomorrow looking at some of the sites – they are that good. The Warp-o-Meter gives this site a 8, mostly for being honest and knowing what it is.

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