OS X Comes to the PSP

If you’re in love with OS X and love how Apple introduced the wide-screen thing with the PowerBooks and Cinema screens but want it all on the go for your pocket, then you may be interested in X5. It’s a variant of OS X for the Sony PSP. Forget about Sony’s lack of software for the killer game unit, with X5 you get 10 applications including “Address Book”. The X5 site also calls “System Preferences” an application, but I don’t know if I’d agree with that. Interestingly enough, the site continues to list an intriguing feature, stating, “Exclusive media downloads from ‘Movies’, to ‘Pictures’.” Not sure if that means there’s a BitTorrent for this or not, but I guess there’s some way to get movies and pictures onto your OS X for the PSP.

This is for sure an interesting little hack for your PSP and if you’re into adventures, you may want to give X5 a try. Don’t worry, your PSP will still play games, too, as it comes with 15 stealer titles such as “Battleship.”

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