GlobalFind v1.02

GlobalFind is a file search and replace tool that allows you to find files that contain a specific keyword, and optionally replace the keyword with another.

The program supports search for extended characters by using a special query string, but other than that offers mostly basic features. You can search within the results and also save the results to a file.

GlobalFind can search through files for specific data and display the results in a list. A few notable features:

  • Performs fast query searching within files.
  • Reliably replaces text directly in the files.
  • Allows usage of “extended” characters by using a special setting.
  • Search options include “case sensitive” and “whole word only.”
  • Optional “search within results” for text searches.
  • Log file tracking and command line “silent” mode.
  • Configurable file viewer to view changes.
  • Configurable thread priority for searches.
  • All settings are auto-saved for you on exit for next time.

GlobalFind is 100% free and is a “must have” if you find you need a fast and reliable search utility.

[521k] [Win98/ME/NT/2k/XP] [FREE] [SnapFiles]

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