Free Mach Speed 256MB SDCard

Free Mach Speed 256MB SDCard
PopDeal reports that there are a couple rebates on the Mach Speed 256MB Secure Digital card at eCost.

From PopDeal

Save $40 and get a 256MB Secure Digital ( SD ) Card for Free after rebates.

There are 2 rebates, the main rebate and a bonus rebate in this pdf file. Be sure to send in both to recieve the full $40 rebate.

From TigerDirect

Secure Digital Memory Card. Plug and Play!
Speed’s a great thing. Especially when it comes to digital data transfers. And Mach Speed’s new SD (Secure Digital) card utilizes its high-speed properties to offer extraordinary performance for data transfers with digital cameras, cellular phones, GPS, CP3 players and PDAs. Plug and Play simplicity…