Future Web 2006: What’s Coming Next?

If you stop looking for a second at the hundreds of interesting new tools and events happening online, what are the key trends you see?

Where among the new emerging online media should you be looking next when trying to understand where to invest your future energies and money?

What are the hot technologies, Web, and media-related areas that are going to change the most in the next 12 months?

Here are some of my personal predictions for what is happening next and my preferred key areas where you should keep your sight focused. It is an initial draft that wants also to spur more comments, ideas, and insight from my fellow Web and Media experts at the Corante Hubs.

Information filteringNewsmastering,
Information filtering, competitive intelligence.
These are fields that will see enormous growth for both the short and the long term. This is the area in which a huge number of business and social opportunities are available. The ability to filter, aggregate, monitor and tracks the information items you are interested in will increasingly become one of the most valued services of all.

This is a natural. With the increase of information sources and quantity of “interesting” information items one could place her eyes on, it becomes more and more valuable the ability to focus only on what is most relevant to you, without being drowned into the ocean of news pushed at you each and every minute.

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