DLP – Making HDTV Really Fast

The animated TECHTip Tutorial is available here.

This is an introduction to micro mirror technology which has an increasing number of applications. From optical switching, Wi-Fi [Wireless Fidelity], RF [Radio Frequency] antennas, HDTV [High-Definition TeleVision] sets and other applications, MEMS [Micro Electrical Mechanical Systems] or micro-mirror technology are emerging as a powerful new force in semiconductor technology. The concept behind a micro-mirror is to move one part to reflect light in a different way or RF in a different direction (direct the pattern to provide user access). In a DLP [Digital Light Processing] application, the mirror directs light of one pixel (picture element). Various shapes of digital mirrors change angles the light beam of +10 or -10 degrees. If +10 degrees, the light from the projection source is directed at the center or pupil of the mirror lens and reflects back a bright light. If -10 degrees, light is reflected away and the pixel appears dark.

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