Recovery in a rush

Since today’s theme is all about dealing with the big computer crashes, I thought I might share some insight on how to get things back up and running in a hurry. First of all, get over it. Don’t dwell on the crash as it happens, that’s just life. It’s best to simply move on.

Now, if you are someone who works from home and assuming you had the good sense to backup your most critical, long term stuff, then you need to concentrate on the here and now. In my case, I needed to deal with the fact that a number of articles had been hosed for good. Being I can write on the fly, I could make due. Just one thing though…where was I supposed to work off of? Reinstalling Windows and getting your video settings, programs, etc set the way you need them is practically an act of congress.

Well for me, it was a matter of dropping in a Simply Mepis CD and running off a live boot. After networking to my file server for any needed data there, I am able to be 75 percent writer-ready in a matter of just a couple of minutes. This is a good thing to realize as this whole situation had placed me in a huge disadvantage otherwise, believe me.

Once your writing work is done (in my case), you should still have webmail access to your email accounts until you can recover the back-ups from your CDs or external hard drive during your system recovery process. It’s helpful if you have a separate PC to work off of during this process as you may need to deal with getting network drivers in place on your Windows machine. If you are using a Linux distro however, this is not an issue.

Another thing to consider is that this presents an outstanding opportunity to clean house, so make it count. Look at the programs you are installing and truly consider whether they are needed or not. Chances are they are not as critical as you may of once thought. And finally, don’t sweat it. Assuming you had sense enough to have multiple back-ups of critical data ahead of time, this sort of major partition failure is merely an inconvenience – nothing more. So smile (I keep telling myself), it could be a whole lot worse!

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