The Simpsons Quotes

In the world of television, there is a modest collection of shows that have become so famous and beloved that they are actually viewed as cultural icons. I’m sure you can probably think of a few on your own, but one that tends to top many lists is The Simpsons. That show has been around so long that it’s almost impossible to imagine it not being aired anymore. Long after the series is gone, the reruns and DVDs will continue to spread the laughter. Almost all of us can at least recognize the main characters, and that’s really saying something. The next time you feel the need for the wisdom of the Simpson gang, just check out The Simpsons Quotes.

So many funny lines have been uttered by the mouths of these characters that it’s almost a necessity to have an entire resource dedicated to the witticisms. All of your favorite characters are here, and you can browse through the quotes by both character and theme. The top rated quotes are a good place to start, so get ready to get your laugh on.