VoIP USB Handset That Works On The Mac

Skype has made Voice-over-IP the big rage and why shouldn’t it? It’s free! But it seems only the Windows crowd has been able to enjoy the USB handset fun, until now.

San Jose-based IPEVO has one of the slickest looking handsets that plugs into your USB port and it just released an OS X driver! The Free-1 Sharing Pack is one heck of a phone and it makes me wish it would work with Vonage’s soft phone setup, ’cause this thing is freakin’ awesome!

The phone supports a 16KHz sampling rate for awesome sound. Its looks are well fitting to sit next to any Mac. You can select up to ten ring tones (including silent). A sound card is not required in order for the USB handset to function. An LED indicator gives connection state and off-hook notification and it has built-in volume control with a mute button. It’s basically a phone that gives you free long distance!

So what’s the cost for such a gem? How ’bout $55! Dude, I’m telling ya, this is a sweet phone and even though I have Vonage, I’m still thinking of picking one of these up from Radio Shack today! Shouldn’t you?

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