Can Web 2.0 stoke interest in bigger things?

This article honestly brings up some really good core issues as to the value of Web 2.0 projects. Honestly, some of these I myself had not even stopped to consider…

There has been plenty of hype and excitement around Web 2.0 in recent months. But how does all this fuss translate into real business value?

Probably not much, right now. I’ve seen enough technology fads come and go to realize that a year from now we may be talking about other things. But many consumeristic trends do eventually percolate up into the corporate arena. Look at the PC revolution of the 1980s and the Internet revolution of the 1990s.

Web 2.0, or the collaborative, real-time uses for the Web, such as blogs, wikis, the Google Galaxy, Really Simple Syndication, and, yes, Web services, now has a momentum of its own. It all may come crashing down tomorrow. [Read the rest]