Sony Cybershot DSC T7 Vs. Nikon Coolpix S3

Looking for an ideal digital camera to take snapshots of your loved ones over the holidays? The ever-insightful DC Views has a full-on comparison between the Sony Cybershot DSC T7 and the Nikon Coolpix S3.

The Sony T7 has a striking appearance. It is not only slightly bigger than a credit card, what’s even more stunning, is its thickness of only 0.55 inch overall and only 0.4 inch without the lens cover. Combined with a nice matte silver finish the camera has a high design-level and looks very solid.

The Coolpix S3 is only a bit smaller than the Sony T7, but it’s a lot thicker (0.78 inch). The S3 body’s design is more straightforward than the T7 and looks very similar to most of its competitors. The camera has a nice silver body and looks solid; the body is also available in black.

Who comes out the clear winner? Perhaps it’s not such a black and white matter, after all. Check out the full story at DC Views for an in-depth analysis and perhaps some valuable suggestions for what may work best for you (and help you reach such a decision).

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