Answers My Hosting Holiday Wish

Over the past week or so, I might have been a little too mean to the folks over at GoDaddy. That’s right, the company that has yet to return any of my previous E-mails has reached out to me by sending one of their own. As a mater of fact, before I had time to check my E-mail I got a phone call about it from GoDaddy as well. It seems like my complaints about the GoDaddy’s control panel experience didn’t fall on deaf ears.

I’ll save you from hearing my full argument over my hosting experience at GoDaddy and cut right to the good stuff. After hearing what I had to say, this is what Spencer Hunter, GoDaddy’s Advanced Hosting Support Manager had to say:

After reviewing your account I found that you are using our Linux Shared Hosting. The control panel offers basic features and functions that are commonly used in a shared hosting environment. From my experience, C-PANEL is most often used in a dedicated server or virtual dedicated server environment. The dedicated server environment gives a user more control over the management of the server. Our dedicated servers are managed with or without a control panel. We currently offer the Plesk ( control panel, and a control panel developed in house, called Turbo Panel.

Feel free to specify features you would like to see in our shared hosting accounts… I will pass them along to our hosting operations team.

So now that you have both sides of the story, I will give them the benefit of the doubt. I’m still not exactly too happy with the entire experience, but I’ll continue to let them know what bugs me and hopefully the experience will get better.

Of course, on a much more vain note, it is also nice to know that I have somebody inside of GoDaddy listening to the Web Hosting Show podcast as well.

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