Do VoIP on Your Mac for Free

Voice over IP is the new rage and as a Vonage user, I can tell you it is the best thing since Ma Bell was broken up. While Skype is getting a lot of the computer VoIP attention, there is another game in two and its called the Gizmo Project. Like Skype, you can call other Gizmo users for free and it if you’re not around, then leave a voicemail for free. If you need to call your legacy friends and family who haven’t caught onto the VoIP thing, then you can call them using POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) for 1.8 cents a minute.

Now, if you’re a really in touch Mac user, you’re already using the universal IM client, Adium. Ya, the one I’ve already told you about and the one that puts to shame any Windows client (sorry, Trillian, you just don’t cut it when compared to this bird.) Now you can bring VoIP to the green guy sitting in your dock with this great free plug-in for Gizmo users. Now you can chat and, um, chat all in one client! Nice.

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