Channel 9 New Energy Source

Well, not everybody got what they wanted for the holidays. I mean, I am speculating this has something to do with the mean spirited comments being directed at the Channel 9 folks.

I admit it I peeked.

I shouldnt have looked in Channel 9’s sock, hung with left over MSIE chicken-wire and duct-tape with the usual Microsoft care (barely managing to remain attached to the fireplace) over the empty Microsoft fireplace (all the Java Runtime books used to create the CLR long since been burned.)

…but it was so LUMPY.

Sure enough, it was naught but COAL.

COAL for being rude to people that dont happen to agree the one thing the world needs is a Microsoft logo (and the usual 500 exploits typical of other things with said logo attached.)

COAL for supplying only marketing drivel that an 8 year old would lap up while visions of working for the worlds worst software company ( famous only for the aplomb with which it steals others innovations ) dance ever so briefly in the under developed and morally challenged mind. [Read the rest]