Gmail Space

We have all wished for a little more space, haven’t we? It never hurts to have a little extra room for everything from backing up to just storing a few things somewhere else. Well now if you have this Firefox extension and a Gmail account, you should be ready to have at least that one dream come true.

The Firefox extension, Gmail Space, allows you to use Firefox to turn that Gmail account into 2GB of storage space for you to use. This extension turns your Gmail account into a remote machine, much like some of the other Gmail storage programs out there do. It allows you to transfer files from your computer hard drive to your Gmail account.

How does it work? Your Gmail account looks like a FTP host (thanks to the extension) and you can upload and download your files. After you install, you get an option called “GSpace” in your “Tools” menu. Once you click on that new option, it opens the window for transfer of files and folder.

Before you get started, there are a few tips to follow from the developer of the extension:

* Please disable “NoScript” extension (if you use)while using this extension as there is a conflict with “NoScript”.

After installation, click on “GSpace” from the “Tools” menu. A new tab will be opened with GSpace window.

Give your user name and password to login. The remote view will be empty until you login. Once you login into the system, the remote view should say “gs:/” in the textbox.

If you are logging in for the first time, the remote view will be empty as there are no files uploaded yet.

So, select a folder or file you wish to add and click the “Upload/Right” arrow. That’s all your files are uploaded. Similarly, the files or folder can be downloaded.

There is a button called “Filter” which filters the files based on the file size. When enabled, it shows only the files less than 10 MB as the max attachment size is 10 MB in gmail. All other buttons are pretty straightforward. Tooltips on each button show its description.

This Firefox extension is for Firefox versions 1.5 and up.