India’s new export: video games

India has a brand new export: Video Games! Yes, if they play their cards right, video game could really open up some financial doors.

With multiple limbs and each hand wielding a different weapon, the fearsome Indian warrior-goddess Kali is a natural video-game character. And next year, Kali will be coming to game consoles, PCs, and mobile phones around the globe.

Indiagames, a Mumbai-based company, is currently working the goddess into the first original, Indian-themed game for international audiences.

Kali is appearing in the forthcoming Emperor Ashoka (pronounced ‘Ah-shoke,’ with the ‘a’ silent), which recreates battles from the life of a legendary Indian king who lived in the third century B.C. The game allows players to engage in bloody historic battles based in ancient temples and other antique environments. [Read the rest]