Woz Shocks Himself With FireWire

Everyone knows that Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Computer, is a practical joker. He’ll keep you going all day with his stories like the one he told the TWiT guys last week where he and his son used laser pointers to flash cars’ rearview mirrors to mimic a police cruiser so the car would move to the right allowing quick passage to L.A. for Woz in his Toyota Prius.

Here’s a video from In Search of the Valley of Woz yanking a FireWire cable out and, while still connected to his PowerBook, plugging it into his mouth. The appearance of sparks in his mouth is thus caused and he even does a fake convolution to make the gag even more real. He tells the silent camera crew, “That works great at concerts.” Only Woz would be bring a PowerBook and FireWire cable to a concert. 🙂

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