Silly Teeth

Where was today’s Warped site when I really needed it? This would have been a perfect site to have known about a week or so ago. Well, all I can say is bookmark it and save it for next Halloween, because it would have made a great place to get your costume accessories.

The name of the site is Silly Teeth. This site is one that touches on the incredibly weird if you take it too seriously. It features products for stag parties, sports tours, and those wild nights out with the guys. These products are great if you ever want to impress people with your lack of dental hygiene. If you ever wanted to look like a redneck, well, here you can get the start to the costume.

But it doesn’t stop at the teeth. You can get hats and wigs and moustaches to compliment your disguise or costume. The Warp-o-Meter gives this site a 7.5 for sheer weirdness and having a warped sense of humor.

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